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Steam launch is a small, usually under 12m long steam vessels. They are mostly deckless, but might have a small aft and bow deck. Steam launches can be open, partially or totally covered with a canopy and they might have a cabin.

Two open steam launches in the rain: Meri-Tiitu and Onka (back)

The steam lauches were used as day cruisers, passanger boats, for small freight transportation and even tugging small barges and log rafts. The steam launches were usually home or locally made, but also some ship yards made them.

Cabin launch Alina

 A steam lauch can be home hade even these days. The hull can be ready made or self made. New steam engines and boiler are still produced. Operating a small steam engine does't require a degree any more, like use to require some years ago in Finland. You can find more detailed infomation about steam lanches on the left menu.

Cabin launch Wiri has been made at Mäntylän konepaja in 1910


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