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The Steamboat Association of Great Britain
Northwest Steam Society
North American Steam Boat Association
Swedish Steamboat Association
Steam Boat Association of Australia
Dutch Steam Society 
International Steamboat Society
French Steamboat Association  
Gemeinschaft Deutscher Dampfschiffe (GDD) 
Deutscher Dampfbootvereins 
Swiss Steamboat Association
New Zeland Steam Scene 

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Internetional Steamboat Register


S/S Turso 
S/S Hyöky 
S/S Tornator II 
S/S Ahti 
S/L Lalli  
S/L Ossi  
S/S Armas 
S/S Ukkopekka
S/S Norrkulla 
S/S Kotvio 
S/S Laitiala 
S/S Mikko 
S/S Ahkera 
S/S Savonlinna 
S/S Pallas 
S/S Paul Wahl 
S/S Punkaharju 
S/S Saimaa 
S/S Suomi 
S/S Tarjanne 
S/S Halla XVII
S/S Otso
S/S Wipunen


S/S Robert  
S/S Absolut V 
S/L Agnes
S/S Alma af Stafre  
S/S Bohuslän 
S/S Bore
S/S Boxholm II 
S/S Carl Johan 
S/S Domnarfvet 
S/S Drottningholm 
S/S Ejdren 
S/S Elfdalen 
S/L Elvira K 
S/S Egelbrekt  
S/S Eric Nordevall II 
S/S Flottisten 
S/S Fortuna  
S/S Freja af Fryken 
S/S Frithiof 
S/S Färjan 4 
S/L Gerda 
S/S Hamfri 
S/S Herbert 
S/L Ida af  Tisnaren 
S/S Kristina 
S/S Lomma 
S/S Lulnäset 
S/S Mariefred 
S/S Nalle 
S/S Nocturne 
S/S Norrtelje 
S/S Nossan 
S/S Orion 
S/S Pikku Matti II 
S/S Polsträrnan 
S/S Primus 
S/S Runn 
S/S Saltsjön 
S/S Sankt Erik 
S/S Stockvik 
S/S Thor 
S/S Trafik 
S/S Örnen-Ettan 
S/S Östa 
S/S Östersund


S/S Engebret Soot 
S/S Prøven 
S/S Skibladner 
S/S Styrbjørn 
S/S Borgenens 
S/S Børøysund 
S/S Forlandet 
S/S Hansteen 
S/S Hestmanden 
S/S Hvaler 
S/S Kysten I 
S/S Oster 
S/S Stord I 
S/S Styrbjörn


S/S Dunkan 


S/L Emma
S/L Lagavulin
S/S Woltman 
S/S Tiger 
S/S St. Georg 
S/S Stettin 
S/S Schaarhörn 
S/S Claus D 
S/S Alexandra 
S/S Welle
S/S Kaiser Wilhelm  
S/L Lagom 
S/L Min Deern 


S/S Scheelenkuhlen 
S/S Hugo 
S/S Volharding 
S/S Elfin & S/S Jacob Langeberg 
S/S Y 8122 
S/S Succes 
S/L Isle Louise 
S/L Isabella  
S/L Orion 


S. L. Artemis  
S/L Pegasus  
S/L Lady Anne  
S/L Phoenix 
S/L A Boy's Will 
S/L Aurora Borealis 
S/T Baltimore 
S/L Captain Bell 
S/L Katie Ann Too 
S/C No Rush 
S/L Otter 
S/L Tryall
S/L Lisa Ann
S/L Adelaide 


S/L Etincelle  
S/S Master

New Zeland

S/S Eliza Hobson 
TSS Earnslaw 


S/S Uranus 
S/S  Isle of Jura 
S/L Étoile Arcture 
S/S Uri
S/S Unterwalden
S/S Schiller
S/S Gallia
S/S Stadt Lutzern
P/S Liberty Belle 
S/S Steamchen
S/S Valhalla
S/S St. Urs

Great Britain

S/Y Consuta 
S/T Daniel Adamson 
S/L Dragonfly 
S/L Elpenor 
S/N Emily Anne 
S/S Explorer 
S/Y Gondola  
S/L Ictus  
S/T Kerne 
P/S Kingswear Castle 
F/V Lydia Eva 
P/S Maid of the Loch 
P/S Medway Queen 
S/L Saumarez V 
S/T Portwey 
S/N President 
HSL Puffin 
S/L Ragtime 
S/T TID 172 
S/S Robin 
S/L Senta 
S/S Shieldhall 
S/S Streatley 
S/S VIC32 
S/S VIC56 
S/S Waverley 
S/L Firedance


S/S Palma


S/L Ondine 
S/S Silencio 
S/L Suzanne


S/Y Ena 
S/L Lady Kaye 
S/S Waratah 


S/S Delphine


S/S Chucao


Steam Engines and Boilers

Reliable Steam Engine Co
Traditional Boat Shop
Balson AG
Preston Services
Colonial Iron Works and BM Industries
Crescent Marine Steam Home
Beckmann Boat Shop 
Björklund Steam
Elliot Bay Steam Launch Co.
Ray HasBrouck's Steam engine designs without castings
Mike Brown's Steam Engines
Pearl Engine CO
Green Engines, flexible rod transmission engines
B2 ångmaskin Bernt Breding
Kai Paananen's steam engine project (in Finnish)
Marine compound project  
Elliotbay triple expansion engine project  
Tiny Power 

Steam Info

Steam engine terminology and operating principles
Steam Engine Library
Steam Characteristics 0-30bar

Steamship History

Suomen Laivahistoriallinen Yhdistys
Turun matkustajahöyrylaivoja
Windermere Steamboats & Museum
The Fleet of Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget 1930


Whistle info and history Whistleman
Building  four chime whistle, Nelsons locomotive
Drawings of the steam boats and ships made by Lehtoniemi engine shop1889-1928
Boat plans, Bateau
Boat plans, Merrell Watercraft
Hobby books from steam engines to backyard ballistics. Lindsay Publishing, Check the lab and horror!
Lindsay doesn't ship outside N.America. Lindsay and many other books you can order from Camden
Live Steam Lubricator - the simple way!

Steam & Engine of Australia

Lathes, other tools and hobby books Chronos Ltd
Steam and other boat plans Selway Fisher
Steam Valves etc: in Finland Finlon Oy
Steam Valves etc. in Finland Konwell
Passangersteamers of Turku
Alfred Steamship


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